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Single cell technologies are transforming our understanding of biology and disease. This is accompanied by a plethora of computational methods tailored to tackle the unique challenges of single-cell data. 

Single Cell Network Netherlands (scNL) brings together researchers interested in single-cell experimental and computational methods, as well as in their application to tackle biological and clinical questions. We aim to provide a platform to exchange experiences, to connect researchers with complementary expertise, and to strengthen the single cell community in the Netherlands.


Shiny new machines and protocols to assess tissue heterogeneity at single-cell resolution! Stay tuned to learn about the latest advances!


Stay up-to-date on developments and computational frameworks for the analysis of single-cell data. Learn how to learn more about your data!


Leverage the latest single-cell technologies to understand how cellular heterogeneity relates to outcomes in health and disease!


scNL 2nd Annual Meeting 11 April 2024 

Prinses Máxima Centrum (Utrecht)

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